Treatment Figures

Figures for December 2017 through September 2018

Adult50 cases
Prostate cancer35
Head and neck cancers6
Bone and soft tissue tumors5
Lung cancer3
Liver cancer1
Pediatric26 cases
Brain tumors12
Bone and soft tissue tumors7
With sedation11
No sedation15

The treatment period for prostate cancer has been shortened.

Heretofore we treated prostate-cancer patients over a treatment period of 37 fractional doses (7 to 8 weeks). In the case of prostate cancer, it is known from the characteristics of the disease that increasing the fractional dose and shortening the treatment period is theoretically effective. In recent years it has been learned that in X-ray therapy as well, increasing the fractional dose and shortening the treatment period yields levels of safety and therapeutic results that are equivalent to conventional treatment.

At the Center, we made prior preparations for shortening treatment periods, and once they were in place we began short-period treatment starting on November 1, 2018. Through this, the previous 37 fractions (7 to 8 weeks) became 21 fractions (4 to 5 weeks). Irradiation time is approximately 5 minutes, and the time spent in the hospital, including for urine collection and positioning, is about one hour, which is the same as conventionally.

Shortening the treatment period offers the advantage of earlier return to work and daily life.